At the beginning, we would like to point out that Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt you from complying with them. In short, despite the unconscious breaking of the rules on the server, you will be punished.

Server information

  1. Our server is NonProfit, an organization that focuses its activities on supporting private or public goods without making a profit.
  2. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that all the goodies of our server (including registration, having your own channel in the private zone) are free.

Forbidden is

  1. Publication of pornography.
  2. Using programs to change the voice.
  3. Jumping through channels where users are.
  4. Offending administration and other users.
  5. Dissemination of personal data (including IP addresses).
  6. Any attempts to impersonate the administration.
  7. Any attempts to cheat administration and other users.
  8. Make and share pictures of users and administrators.
  9. Recording without the consent of all users on the given channel.
  10. Using an vulgar or offensive language in the channel or sub-channel or nickname.
  11. Escaping from conversations with the administration, and ignoring messages received.
  12. Advertise content other than PlayTS and derivative servers in every conceivable form.
  13. Server attack in the form of machine network overload (DoS or DDoS).
  14. Sending false information about server shutdown and change of IP address.
  15. Setting avatars that go beyond the ethical norm.
  16. Sending dangerous links such as IPLoggers, Bitcoin miners, SMSPremium and others.
  17. Exchange or trade illegal content or items.
  18. Pointless joining to the channels in the help zone.

User name

  1. It should be readable by other users (ie all "Chinese chars" are forbidden).
  2. It can not be changed notoriously.
  3. It can not be vulgar or offensive.
  4. It can not be similar or identical to those which the administrators have.
  5. It can not contain any shortcuts like "JD", "JP", "HWDP". Translations that these abbreviations have no negative overtones will not be accepted.


  1. The user who wants to fully use our services is required to register. The user rank has some limitations.
  2. A person with the nickname "TeamSpeakUser" will not receive a registration rank.
  3. People without a microphone will not be registered (Microphone Disabled).
  4. People who break any of the username rules will not receive registration.
  5. The user is required to provide true age in order to obtain the rank of age.
  6. If any of the rules after the registration is broken, the registration may be revoked.
  7. Registration (rank: Registered) is tantamount to acceptance of the above regulations.


  1. Public channels are not monitored by us, so there are no rules.
  2. That is why we mainly have private channels, which can be obtained for free on the channel "Prośba o kanał stały/ekip".
  3. However, if you are disturbed by someone who is on someone's private channel, set up your own private channel (see the point above).
  4. The administration reserves the right to edit the regulations at any time.
  5. The administration is not obliged to notify users about the change of regulations.
  6. The administration may be wrong. We would like to remind you that we are only human and we also make mistakes, which is why it is possible to appeal your ban via the forum at

*Last update: 24.11.2018
*Last patches: 24.11.2018
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