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Use crystal clear sound to communicate with your friends or your team on our server!
We offer free channels, music bots, privacy protection, audio encryption and no delays running since 2013.

Why PlayTS?

You choose why you want to stay with us.

It's not true that every public TeamSpeak servers is the same. Only PlayTS allows you to take full advantage of what TeamSpeak offers. You will spend thousands of hours on this server and you will still be surprised with new features.

No other server has an application for the live game ranks or text channels as on the Discord.

Our server is located next to Polish Google servers, which is why we provide ultra low ping and very stable connection.

Thanks to our many years of experience on the market, we know that only the best quality of services and the most functionality are able to satisfy our users.

Security is also important to us. Unlike other servers, we do not collect user data and then sell it.
Everything you say is encrypted, you have a military-grade security based on AES.

Logo PlayTS

PlayTS. From 2013. Never was down.

Thanks to the administration that has been taking care of the server for so many years and thanks to the community that has trusted us.
We will not shut down servers like EA or Bethesda 😜


See for yourself...

The difference is huge.

We're breathtaking.
The highest quality audio on every channel
Encryption of voice data on every channel
Free music bots
Free channels
Unlimited number of sub channels
Database leak with IP addresses
Transferring files via TS3
Epic banner with a random photo in the background
Public server text channels as a bot

Features that stand out.


Data Center

Our server is located in the Polish DataCenter, in Warsaw, with the 10 Gbps connection and the lowest ping for the whole country, and with IPv6 support. Thanks to the latest technology in the infrastructure, we know that we can meet the growing needs.



You will feel safe with us. We use encryption of sound packets during conversations, and we secure the database against leakage of IP addresses. In addition, we have people responsible for early detection of vulnerabilities in the systems.



A lot depends on the quality of sound. That is why sound is our priority. We provide the highest quality audio and cross the boundary of the application to make the sound crystal-clear.


Anti-DDoS PRO+

After many years of our activity, searching for the best supplier, we managed to provide the best, most stable connection, with the best anti-DDoS protection.


Music Bots

We have 24/7 music bots and a dedicated Hi-Fi Bot. There are also additional free music bots that you can take on your own free channel to listen music.


And More

This is not all we have. We have more and more functions (eg. banner, ts3video), so you should look at the client's panel, where you can set the rank of games, see the achievements, and many more.

Logo PlayTS

What is is the account management center on the TeamSpeak server, where you can set servergroups or check achievements.

We have created a client panel for you, which is primarily to be your account management center for TeamSpeak. Thanks to it, you can personalize your settings, or check the exact data you are interested in, and gain functions that others do not have.

You can set the rank of games, check your stats and achievements, see the ranking and in the future fight in groups in getting the best online time, and then get a paid rank for free.

Visit as often as possible to find out about new products.

In the panel you will find:

  • Server statistics
  • Your time Online / AFK
  • Your place in the ranking
  • Configuration of servergroups
  • Achievements to get
  • Many, many other things
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