Your Game. Your TeamSpeak.

Use crystal clear sound to communicate with your team mates on our server with data protection and encryption, lag-free performance, and best uptime from 2013.

About server

Encrypted the highest quality of sound provides a free voice communication service for users, using TeamSpeak software.

Users can use our services completely free of charge, we provide the highest available sound quality that TeamSpeak 3 has, this is one of the aspects that we try to work out best.


Data Center

Our server is located in the Polish DataCenter, in Warsaw, on the 10 Gbps connection and the lowest ping for the whole country, and support for IPv6. Thanks to the latest technology in the infrastructure, we know that we can meet the growing needs.



We are a Non-Profit community. So we do not generate any profits from the server. Everything on the server is free. We will never enter paid ranks or functions and other things that can be bought, we operate strictly Non-Profit.


Sound Quality

A lot depends on the quality of sound. That is why sound is our priority. We provide the highest quality audio and cross the boundary of the application to make the sound crystal-clear.



After many years of our activity, searching for the best supplier, we managed to provide the best, most stable connection, with the best anti-DDoS protection.


Music Bots

We have 24/7 music bots and a dedicated Hi-Fi Bot. There are also additional free music bots that you can take on your own free channel to listen music.



This is not all we have. We have implemented an interactive banner and ts3video. We have recently released a full client panel, with statistics and other features.